Silver Life for swimming pools
Owners of swimming pools constantly have a problem of water purification and water disinfection. It is used different chemicals for swimming pools, ultraviolet lamps, etc. We introduce innovative germicides for swimming pools; it is a filler “Silver Life”. It contains a copper-silver complex, which produces reliable disinfection of water in the pool.
Silver germicide for swimming pools
Advantages of the filler “Silver Life” for swimming pools:
- It does not contain chlorine, it is hypoallergenic;
- Water after passing through the filler does not change the smell and color;
- It prevents “blooming” of the pool;
- It has successfully been tested of disinfectant properties in the Turkish pools at air temperature above 40 ° C;
- You can use any bottles with the filler; we also produce individual bottles made of stainless steel;
- It is installed on the bypass pipe (a bypass line, which is used for transportation water to the pool parallel to the isolation valve and control valve);
- It is produced in the packaging of premium class;
- It is ideally suitable as for big swimming pools so for small private swimming pools of any type.
Own weight – 1 kg
Resource – 100 m3
price: 1,500 UAH
Free shipping on orders in the amount of 300 UAH 300 UAH
Complex for swimming pools Silver Life
Do you want your pool is clean? Then you use for disinfection the complex “Silver Life”.
Disinfection of water is happened due to copper-silver complex “Silver Life”.
This agent “Silver Life” is very simple to use, it can be used even in a small, private pools.

Germicide complex for swimming pools
What does it mean a swimming pool without chlorine? Many owners of swimming pools are interested in this question. If you want to disinfect water using the newest ecological pure technology in this case next information is for you. The copper-silver complex “Silver Life” produces effective water protection from bacterium, virus and algaes. Agents for pools are different, but just “Silver Life” provides reliable and long-term germicide effect.
Silver germicide complex for swimming pools
Advantages of the germicide complex “Silver Life” for swimming pools:
- It does not contain chlorine, it is hypoallergenic;
- Unique, ecological and environmentally sound product ;
- It prevents propagating of alga;
- After adding the agent, water does not exchange smell and color;
- It is produced in the form of master batch according its weight is not heavy and it is shipped very conveniently;
- It effectively disinfects water at the atmospheric temperature + 40°С;
- It is ideally suitable for private swimming pools of any type (stationary, inflatable, carcass and finished portable baths) and also for fountains.
Complex composition:
Flask №1 – argoferment
Flask №2 – copper salt
Instruction for use:
Flasks contain are needed to allocate in water across the swimming pool given the chance water should be mixed.
Own weight – 2 flasks per 35 ml
Resource – 10 m3
price: 375 UAH
Free shipping on orders in the amount of 300 UAH 300 UAH
Research and Design Institute (R&D Institute) ““Water-purifying technologies”, Ukraine.
The company is made a specialty out of development and production agents in the area of water conditioning and purification. A friendly personnel is worked on tasks at hand. The staff consists of one hundred and fifty professionals of different specialities. There are modern laboratories, a development laboratory, research centre, innovation department and service in the technological infrastructure of the institute. According to demands DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) ISO 9001-2001 it has been introduced quality management system at the company. Over the years the Institute has approved himself as reliable producer of qualitative modern products which are in charge of ecological standard. The activity of “Water-purifying technologies” is marked by many rewards of which is prize of rating “100 the best companies of Ukraine” in nomination of “Industrial ecology, conservation of energy and resource conservation”. Specialists of Institute have used experience which they have got in the performance of tasks of commercial scale when they have been creating household seria “SVOD”. That is why our filters are differed improved reliability and improved ability.
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